Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Great Falls - Half Way Mark

Here is the picture I promised of the mid way point of the painting. I am currently replacing some of the green water with a bluer color and then will continue on the rocks. I am very satisfied with the falls and rocks in the middle of the painting where the water falls over them. But I am bothered by the foreground rocks. I am not sure if it is the overall value or the actual arrangement of the rocks. I will look at them for a day or two while working in another area of the painting. I am usually able to spot the needed change after leaving and returning with fresh eyes.
A visitor to the gallery on Monday was very complimentary about this painting and stated that they loved the flow and movement in the painting, particularly the graceful movement in the water.
I must admit that I am influenced by the painting of Niagra Falls by Frederick Edwin Church which is on display at the Corcoran in DC. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. I suppose this is my Niagra on a smaller scale, since Church's painting is tremendous in size and would cover the entire wall of my livingroom.

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