Saturday, February 25, 2012

Amazon Warrior Finished

Well, I finally got this one finished. It has certainly evolved the way most of my work evolves. Although the concept is the same, minor items change as the painting goes along. The final snake has some leathery flesh as opposed to the slick skin I originally envisioned. And the costume of the Amazon changed as I thought about the environment that she is in. Snakeskin replaced what I had originally thought would be leopard skin. And her upper covering became metal instead of leopard. The helmet is pretty much what I had in mind, but I increased the cockade to reflect the same pattern as the arched doorway. Everything was toned down so that the Amazon took centerstage by being the most colorful and lighter valued object in the design.

Since this piece was done solely for my portfolio and there was no hurry, I completed other jobs while working on this. I intend to do another portfolio piece, start to finish in as quick a time as I can so that I can judge how much time to quote when accepting a commissioned illustration.

I have a date set aside for my model friend, Jennifer, to come over and pose for another piece. She will be bringing her daughter who has agreed to pose for my mythology series.

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