Sunday, February 26, 2012

Minerva's Glasses

After spending all day on paperwork, taxes and other mundane junk, I realized I only had half an hour until my husband would be coming in from work. So I looked at the Minerva painting for something small to do that would not take me more than half an hour. I decided to give the glasses a go.

The two pictures show you what was done before dinner and after dinner when I went back into the room and realized the frames were too heavy and dark. If the first thing you see is the glasses in a portrait, you know that you have over done them. Glasses should be understated. After all, you are painting a portrait as a whole. No one thing should jump out at you.

Fortunately for me, if you spot a mistake before the paints set up, you can simply adjust them by taking a dry brush and pushing around or removing the wet paint. Of course, whats underneath (her eyes) must be absolutely dry....otherwise you will remove them also.

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