Monday, February 6, 2012

Knee Injury Culprits

I saw two doctors today. I had tripped on a kitten toy in the dark a few days back. Did not seem injured at all and went on with life for three days and then my knee fell apart. Today an x-ray confirmed that the knee cap has a fracture. I have an appointment on Friday for an MRI to see what other damage there is in the ligaments and soft tissues. This is Monet, Picasso and Rockwell. Monet the solid black kitten is the owner of the toy that I fell over. Oh well, they can keep me company for the next few weeks while I am confined to the house recuperating. I now have a horrible leg brace that makes it impossible for me to drive.


  1. Look at innocent. Sorry to hear about your knee and the not driving bit. Hope you hurry and heal fast.

  2. Thanks Kim, good thing I don't mind solitude. I don't really blame the studio mates, after all I am the one who did not turn on the light. I should get lots of painting done and the leg is feeling better today. I do heal quickly.