Thursday, February 9, 2012

A New Perspective

I started this drawing last night while watching TV. We set up a makeshift drawing table next to the sofa and I can keep my leg raised and still draw. I used my husband, who will be the monk, and my brother in law who is going to be a viking. You probably can't tell from this photo, but I have such a good likeness of the my brother in law, I really hate to cover most of his head with a viking helmet. The reason I am showing you this is to point out how important it is to get a new perspective when you are working on something. I like to photograph my art and then look at it on the computer. I am always amazed at how this quickly shows me what is wrong with the art. I was actually thinking this was a fantastic drawing until I saw it on the monitor. I immediately see that his cranium is too large on the backside and his legs are twiglike. In my defense, they are not really drawn in, just indications of where I want them positioned. I also have not done justice to his sinewy physique. I will bulk up his arms and legs when I return to the drawing. I also may have bulked up my husband a bit too much. That may be grounds for divorce. I will correct that immediately.

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